13 Sayings that only Argentines Will Understand

by Daniel Tunnard Spanish. Español. And sometimes castellano. That weird, obscure Finno-Ugric language that only Argentines and Ukrainians speak, and which you once made a half-hearted attempt to learn but got bored and decided to… Continue reading

Argentina’s Mendoza wine route: top 10 guide

Mendoza’s spectacular Andean scenery is heady enough, and that’s before you even start on the wine. Here’s our pick of where to go for tastings, the best restaurants and where to sleep it… Continue reading

Best Parks in Buenos Aires

By Local Expert: Matt Chesterton One of the most important Argentines you’ve probably never heard of was really a Frenchman, and his name was Charles Thays. Falling in love with Argentina after arriving here… Continue reading

Top 10 bars in Buenos Aires

The bar scene in Buenos Aires has evolved away from the bubble-like draw of Palermo to feature a more diverse spread across the city. Our updated list reveals 10 great spots  Hush hush… Continue reading

Buenos Aires Street Art

The walls of the Argentine city – enlivened by massive murals, whimsical painted figures, moody graffiti and subtle but emblematic stencils – carry a powerful political charge. By Bridget Gleeson An artistic record… Continue reading

Buenos Aires area guide

By Matt Chesterton  Don’t plan too far in advance or too assiduously. The shopworn phrase ‘you never know what might be around the next corner’ might have been invented for the Argentinian capital.… Continue reading

Shopping options in BA

Whether it’s quality leather goods, a bargain antique or a souvenir football shirt you’re after, there are no shortage of shopping options in BA. San Telmo’s best for antiques, souvenirs and vintage clothing, Palermo… Continue reading

Buenos Aires Must-Dos

Milongas “Choose the alternative (to big tango shows): the neighborhood milongas.”—Karina Beorlegui, local tango singer. The best, most classic, and inexpensive way to see real tango danced by real people is at a milonga.… Continue reading

Conozca los nuevos hostales de HI Brasil

Conforto, calidad y precios accesibles. Estas son las principales características de los establecimientos de HI Hostel Brasil, que ya cuenta con más de 90 hostales asociados en todo el territorio nacional. En este… Continue reading

Coffee in BA

For a city with such a vibrant café-going culture, overall Buenos Aires certainly does serve quite a shitty cup of coffee. Burnt beans, sugar roasted, poor quality, all probably made in a machine that… Continue reading