Top 10 Sushi Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires contrary to popular belief, does have some very good sushi and sashimi.   Fresh fish which had often been difficult to find in the past is now readily available and treated with care.  For those who are purists when it comes to Sushi the very popular habit in this city of adding cream cheese to some sushi rolls may be off putting.  However it is important to understand that it is very easy to avoid it. If you do come across it on the menu you can ask for it without cream cheese “sin queso crema”.   Please note that some of our top ten Sushi recommendations in Buenos Aires are in Peruvian Japanese fusion restaurants; these do add a very interesting dimension to Sushi in this City.  They are in alphabetical order, not order of preference.

1. Akira is on the 20th floor of a building in the City Centre.  It has a beautiful view and when booking it is important to reserve a window seat.  It has views over the Puerto Madero and River area.  The sushi is very good, they also have a delivery service.  Cream cheese is in some of the sushi offered but there are many options without it and you can also order it exactly with the ingredients you want.  Everything is freshly made to order . Akira, Avenida Corrientes 222, corner of Leandro Alem, Buenos Aires. Tel: 0810 777 25472

2.  Ceviche has great peruvian/japanese fusion food.  The sushi is excellent and quite original with a definite Peruvian influence.  Excellent fresh ingredients beautifully prepared. Ceviche has a variety of peruvian fusion dishes and it is well described in our restaurants.   Ceviche, Costa Rica 5644, Palermo Hollywood. Tel: 4776 7373

3.  Dashi has been around for many years now and it has a very loyal following. There are several, we recommend the one in Palermo and also the one in Barrio Norte .  Dashi,  Fitzroy 1613, Palermo. Tel: 47763500

4.  Irifune was highly recommended by some Japanese associates and it lives up to our high expectations.  Absolutely fresh fish, great variety and traditional excellent sushi.  The restaurant is well designed and very attractive with a good ambience. It is detailed under our restaurant section.  Irifune, Paraguay 436, Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Tel: 4312 8787

5.  M Buenos Aires This japanese/peruvian fusion restaurant is in the San Telmo area housed in a building which was a monastery which is over two hundred years old.  .  It has a fabulous atmosphere and a very good wine list.  Its menu is very extensive and the sushi is highly recommended. M Buenos Aires is listed under ourrestaurants section with more information.  M Buenos Aires, Balcarce 433, San Telmo, Buenos Aires. tel: 4331 3879

6.  Osaka is a very popular Peruvian restaurant with excellent sushi.  Try and get a terrace table if you are able.  It is always busy . Osaka, Soler 5608, Palermo. Tel: 4775 6964

7.  Paru also a japanese/peruvian fusion restaurant.  It has very good sushi and excellent service.  Their pisco sour cocktails are worth trying. Paru,  Bonpland 1823, corner of El Salvador, Palermo tel: 4778 3307

8.  Sipan once again a Japanese/Peruvian fusion restaurant offering excellent food and first class sushi.  We love their Pisco Sours and their attentive service.  Sipan, Paraguay 624, Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Tel: 4315 0763

9.   Tenkuu is a small restaurant so bookings are advisable.  Excellent food and great variety of white fish on offer as well as salmon and tuna. Tenkuu, Cabello 3370, Palermo. Tel: 4801 6862

10.  Yuki is in the Congreso (Monserrat) area of the City.  The restaurant itself is very attractive with clean modern lines.  It is rather deceiving from the street as the entrance is not really imposing.  The quality and freshness of the fish is outstanding.  Bookings are essential.  This is a traditional Japanese restaurant .  Yuki,  Pasco 740, Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Tel: 4942 7510